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Blessings Not Curses: Community Reflections
"Baba Sanyika Anwisye has provided us an excellent
blueprint for resolving conflict from an Africentric
perspective.  He has challenged all of us to go beyond a
superficial understanding of Africentricity and the Nguzo
Saba.  I believe Anwisye's analysis that one of our
greatest problems is not just the external enemy, but the
one within.  Every family and organization serious about
their growth and development should read
The African
Personality: Lubrication for Liberation.
- Baba Jawanza Kunjufu, Founder: African
American Images Publishing, Chicago.   
Educator, Lecturer, Author:
the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys.
"...The African Personality: Lubrication for Liberation is a basic,
spiritually-based guide for gaining and maintaining peace among
individuals and groups within a community under assault. It is a
commonsensical handbook full of often forgotten, but time-worn
guidelines for resolving interpersonal and intergroup conflict. In addition
to outlining the admirable humanizing qualities that ourstorically
constitute the African Personality - qualities which remain little but
rhetoric unless taught and practice
d - he offers us excellent advice on
what to say to defuse and clear interpersonal conflicts, as well as how
and when to say it, who should be included in the discussion and what to
do when there appears to be no means of attaining immediate

The African Personality is a necessary tool for individual and organized
nationbuilding Africans who recognize the distractive nature of chaos to
our progress as complements, families, communities and a nation."

- Baba Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti, Co-Founder: Akoben                        
   House, Atlanta. Educator, Lecturer, Author:               
 Complementarity and Asafo: A Warrior's Guide to                                  
"Building strong, long-lasting, successful relationships in
our families, communities, and organizations is one of our
greatest challenges, and a critical part of our reparations
work (healing, repairing and restoring the hearts, minds and
spirits of our people).

Implementing the strategies outlined in this work will help us
chip away the layers of scar tissue brought on by too many
generations in the West."

      - Mama Kibibi Tyehimba, Co-Chair
         National Coalition of Blacks for                                    
          Reparations In America (N'COBRA)
Gye Nyame - Omnipotence of God
Bi Nka Bi - No one should bite the other
ese ne tekrema -Friendship and Interdependence
The African Personality: Lubrication for
comes at a time when Africans are in
dire need of guidance toward the African
Personality and the need to resolve conflict. The
information is clear and concise. It should bring
Africans to a higher level of awareness of the true
African personality and how to resolve conflict.
Baba Sanyika imparts valuable knowledge greatly
needed by the African community.  
- Baba Wovoka & Mama Ama Sobukwe,                    
  Co-founders and Directors: Fannie Lou
Hamer Freedom School, Etta  Mississippi,
Married since 1969