Television: a weapon, a propaganda
machine, a mind-duller?  What are the
bases for such strong assertions?
Can television affect intellectual and
educational development? Does it
have the potential to influence the
attitudes and behaviors of people? If
so, how? These questions are
examined, particularly as they relate
to African (Black) people.

Read more about these and other
ways media impacts our community in
TV's Talking But We Don't Have
to Listen: An Analysis and
Alternatives for Africans.
$12.00  U.S.
ISBN: 978-0-615-23420-5
"Molding a personality equipped with
conflict resolution skills and the general
ability to share, cooperate, act
collectively and respond to the needs of
others is stressed in the true African
curriculum because unless egos,
insecurities and petty conflict can be
'checked at the door,' there is little hope
for real progress toward freedom for our
-Sanyika Anwisye, from: Education         
                                      is More the 3R's

Learn more about practical ways to
apply a time-tested conflict-resolution
framework to the needs of our
communities and institutions in
African Personality: Lubrication for
$10.00 U.S.
ISBN: 978-0-615-28902-1
Blessings Not Curses: Publications
Gye Nyame - Omnipotence of God
Bi Nka Bi - No one should bite the other
ese ne tekrema -Friendship and Interdependence